Traveling in China

It is always good to visit new places, this trip to China was a good source of inspiration and fresh air out of Europe.

Offshore wind farms in Europe 2014 - the book

This coffee table book thats puts together the relevant data from 2014 and all the offshore wind farms in 90 pages was published in February 2015. Statistics, infographics, projects sorted by country and much more.


Owen Denvir brand

New brand developed for @OwenDenvir, he is a Belfast-born singer/songwritter and multi-instrumentalist with a lot potential. He has recently implemented his website
It is worth listening to the songs and videos he produced.

skyline photo project

Skyline project has started, a personal project to get into the photography world, these are one of the firsts shoots taken in Spain,Belgium and France.

Many places to go to continue with the project, these are shoots from the train station in Paris:

EWEA 2014 signage

Signage concept development for EWEA 2014, Europe's premier wind energy event taking place in Barcelona 10-13 March, the Annual Event organized by EWEA

Event infographics:

Registration area:

c'était avant l'oeuf ou la poule?

Identity created for a wholesale eggs company recently established in Burkina Faso.  

offshore statistics

Offshore wind statistics infographic for the first half of 2013 that was used in the EWEA OFFSHORE 2013 event in Frankfurt as information for the press. A video was also developed to show the data at EWEA stand for all the exhibitors.